Transformational Coaches & Therapists

Realise your potential

We use groundbreaking techniques, tools and knowledge that set the new paradigm of how we see ourselves and our environment. What makes all the difference in enabling you is how we use this knowledge. Because every one of us views things differently, we have created an original approach designed around your specific needs and where you are on your journey.

We empower you to realise your potential, to change what you need and to achieve what you want, through a unique transformative and self-learning experience.


A powerful and proven path to the realisation of your potential

In our typical coaching sessions you:

  1. Explore goals, blockages and possibilities

  2. Develop specific understanding

  3. Apply the acquired knowledge; experience new tools and techniques

  4. Take the tools and techniques with you, and practice at your own pace 


Transformational Coaches & Therapists


Hi! My name is Adrian.

I work with people to remove their barriers to health and fulfilment. It is my reward to witness their awakening to the powerful creator they are and their ability to transform and heal themselves.

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Hi! I'm Louise.

I facilitate the reconnection to the truth and what matters. It is beautiful when someone embraces who they are and transformation occurs. All becomes so clear and simple!

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