Voyage to
Heart Intelligence

Feel better more often and
start living the life you really want!

The HeartMath program has allowed me to easily de-stress myself, even with all of the challenges and opportunities that arise in everyday life. Since (my) HeartMath training, I find that I can respond to demands and priorities with more focus and feel far more ready to make reasonable and thoughtful decisions...
— Renee

This focused and practical program offers personalized instruction fromthe comfort of your home or office. You will gain a better understanding about what happens to your body when you are stressed and how your reactions to everyday challenges can either rob you of the life you want or be transformed into healthier, more satisfying, productive energy.

This focused and practical program combines personalized coaching and a detailed practice plan to meet your personal objectives.

What you will gain:

  • Discover what’s at the heart of who you are and what you want most in your life.

  • Identify what blocks you from the life you want—your personal dreams, mission and goals.

  • Uncover and disengage from the negative impact stress has on yourbody and mind.

  • Improve your mental capacity andsolve problems more effectively with less wear and tear on you.

  • Enhance your relationships and reduce the stress that results frommiscommunication.

  • Bring more creativity and out of the box thinking to your plans and projects.

This Program includes:

One initial session and four individual sessions, a total of five sessions, techniques and tools, a personal experience and plan, and the ‘Building Personal Resilience’ Guide.

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The HeartMath Voyage to Heart Intelligence program is only available from a Licensed HeartMath Coach.

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